Archery has a great history where hunters and combats first used it. Archery was later revolutionalised to become a recreational activity, and today, it is one of the lucrative sports ones can engage. However, archery is established in different forms, and it is essential to understand the different types of archery. Generally, they are all differentiated in shooting methods and equipment used. Common archery types are established below.

Target Archery

This type of archery is mostly performed at the Olympics, and it is suitable for new archers. The good thing about target archery is that it can be done both indoors and outdoors. What differentiates it from other types of archery is that there are specified arrows that archers must shoot at a target, which is fixed at a particular distance.

Field Archery

Unlike other different types of archery, field archery is done on woodlands as well as rough terrains. Archers must shoot specific numbers of arrows at various targets, and this is done in sequence. Field archery is suitable for outdoors. Moreover, the archers have a priority to shoot downhill or upwards, but the targets and distance could be different.

Clout Shooting

Clout shooting is an old archery that was used during military training. Clout, which is a small piece of a flag with a vertical stick, is used as the target. The clout must be fixed in the ground surface at a distance of 165 metres far away from the archer. Therefore, determining the archers’ scores depends on how closely the arrow reaches the clout; hence, the closer the arrow to the flag, the higher the archer’s points.

Flight Shooting

Flight shooting is quite different from other types of archery, as it involves long distances shooting of arrows. Besides, flight shooting doesn’t have a target, though it is best practised at a large and flat space. In most cases, archers use specialist bows together with light-weighted arrows to minimise drag and increase power.