Archery is one of the oldest human sport that has evolved from the use of rudimentary bow and arrows to contemporary, sophisticated equipment. Archery is today played in most countries and has joined the list of Olympic sports. Archery clubs have also been formed bringing together the game enthusiasts for shooting competitions and general skills improvement.

For budding archers, the desire to improve their skills is a constant struggle. However, with relentless practice, the end may be in sight but only for the persistent shooter with a never-say-die attitude. In this article, find some tips for improving your shooting skills.

Get the Right Equipment Fit

Different bow sizes match up perfectly with different arrows. This is because arrows that are oversized than the bow tend to miss targets more than hit it. This is more prevalent in indoor archery such as the Olympic sports archery or in-house club competitions. Getting the right fit of equipment will produce the right results for your level of technique.

Try the Open Stance

This is a simple technique that might make a lot of difference in your shooting. Open stance entails placing your feet at a parallel position and spread out with the toes facing the direction of the target. This stance enhances your view of the target, making it more likely to hit the desired spot.

Work on your Timing

The time allowed to aim for archery competition is relatively brief, averaging 40 seconds. It is advisable to take note of the time as it may lead to panicky releases and missed targets. Proper timing allows you to take a stance, aim and release within a few seconds, enabling you to better prepare for the next shot.

Learn from the Masters

Archery has produced great marksmen. To improve your shooting stats, take lessons from the best in the game. Merely watching videos and reading their tips and putting to practice could propel you to archery glory.