At first glance, archery may seem like a simple sport, involving very little equipment. In reality, there is much more equipment involved than one might think;


This is the first piece of equipment and is evidently crucial to the sport of archery, there are simialr qualities among bows but also significant differences. They all will have a string and the string will have some form of attachment to the limb. From this point, they can vary and be put into classifications such as methodology that requires pulling the string to release the arrow or making use of a mechanism that will allow for the same action.

Bow Strings

Quality bows must possess bowstrings that are flexible, durable and lightweight. How the strings are made and out of what material play an important role in their efficiency.


The arrow is on par with its level of importance as being part of the equipment required for archery. A basic arrow will be made up of a shaft that possesses an arrowhead at its tip. Then at the opposite end of the arrow will be the fletchings and the nock. The variations come with the different types of shafts that can be made from a variety of different materials such as wood or aluminum just to name a few.

Protection Equipment

Archers will usually want to wear a variety of protective equipment. This includes an arm guard that helps to protect the inner arm from being struck by the string when it is released. For the fingers being used to release the string, these can be protected with the use of special gloves.

Added to this list of equipment is the various types of release aids that can be utilized for releasing the arrows. Then stabilizers need to be considered as well which help with the balancing of the bow.