As with any sports, there are often different beliefs and understanding among people who practice, are looking to practice or watch the sport of archery. Here are a few myths debunked:

Safety Recognition

It is not uncommon for many to think that archery is a dangerous sport, even for the participants. In reality, archery has been deemed to be ranked among the safest sports. When it is compared to golf which most everyone thinks is super safe it has been determined that archery is three times safer. According to the USA archery reports, it is considered to be even safer than the sport of bowling. Statistics show that there is about one injury for every 2,000 who participate in the sport of archery.

The Arrow Speed

Most will accept the fact that the arrow properly released from a bow in archery travels at a very significant speed. But is it actually faster than a cheetah (whose speed can reach up to 60mph)É Some indications are that an arrow being released in an archery competition can travel as much as 150 mph.

Archery Recognized Females First

It has been proven over and over that women are just as adept at many sports as what men are. They have had a hard time proving this though and have met many challenges breaking into the various sports. This is not the case with archery. It has been said that out of all the Olympic sports archery was the first sport that allowed women to compete. This took place in the 1904 games.

Pigeons Were Not the Objective of Archery

There is some misconception that in the early days’ archers would use pigeons as their target. In the early Olympic days’ archery competitors were required to shoot a bird from the top of a pole but the bird was actually a plastic tube.